About Us

BANDAGE BRIGADE was established in October 2018 by a pair of illustrators, Richard and Julie. With a background in Illustration design and TV animation, they met during their admission at Artcenter College of Design. While attending classes, they began tabling together at local anime and comic conventions selling their original and derived artwork. After some trial and error, they pivoted to researching and learning how to print their own designs on clothing.

With humble beginnings, they worked hard to print, embroider, and design everything themselves from their college apartment, eventually moving on to working from their home studio.

After years of experience exhibiting at conventions/trade shows, while also maintaining their online shop and presence. They currently work in a modest studio office in Southern California with the help of their assistant, Matthew and his dog Toast.  

Thank you for supporting a small business like ours and helping us continue to make cool apparel and designs!