[Misprint] Space Cat Jacket
[Misprint] Space Cat Jacket
[Misprint] Space Cat Jacket

[Misprint] Space Cat Jacket

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Misprinted items consist of inconsistent printing, sewing errors, missing buttons, or any other mistakes in the manufacturing process.

  • M - Pocket image is misprinted

Features include:

  • Adjustable strings for hood and waist.
  • Stretchy cuff holes.
  • Button on clasps.
  • Water resistant light polyester fabric.
  • Breathable net inner lining.


Size Chart  Body Length  Chest Width
Sleeve Length
S 27 inches 22 inches
24 inches
M 28 inches 23 inches 25 inches
L 29 inches 24 inches
27 inches
XL 30 inches 25 inches
27.5 inches

*Sizes are U.S. unisex fit, please allow 1-2 cm size variance